Round 2: The Safari Begins…..

The SS Lions let nothing keep them down.

After a long day (and what seemed like an even longer layover), it was awe inspiring to see each and every delegate up and ready to attack the entrepreneurial world. Our situation room for the day was Coworkin, Nehru Place and truly, we could not have imagined a better place for our very first day.
The ambition and spirit that the delegates have, seemed to light up the room as they talked about everything, from what motivates them, to what kind of food they enjoy.
Listening to the delegates talk about India, what they were expecting and what they actually experienced, hearing them describe it as a confusing, hot, alive, bustling and most importantly a learning experience, an opportunity to grow and discover themselves; gave all of us a renewed sense of appreciation for our project as well as for our country.
We listened with rapt attention, as the delegates talked about their lives and what their experiences have taught them. They talked about their happiest moments, for one, these were as simple as a day out with a sibling and for another, it was realising that they could recover from the hand that was dealt to them, turning their greatest loss into what could potentially become their greatest success. They talked about their deepest fears; the fear of losing their inspirational drive and optimism and disappointing their loved ones. What we heard from them resonated deeply with us, compelling us to realise, that despite all the things that make us different, incredibly, our beliefs and ideas were almost similar. After all, at the end of the day, we all crave to be inspired, to live a life filled with meaning, passion, contentment, happiness and maybe, even a little loss.

You, delegates, inspired us today. You pointed out things about our country and about our way of life, that we probably never spared a second thought to and we hope, from the very bottom of our hearts, that by the end of this journey, we play some part in inspiring you.



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