How Young South Africans look At India

The first day of the South African delegates of Startup Safari 2017 in India was a mix of excitement and peculiar observations.


Our Alumni- Benjamin Shaw & Matthew Henshall

In conversation with Matt and Ben, proud alumni of Startup Safari and members of our very first delegation in January 2016. Since then, they have successfully built BrandMeIndia together whilst continuing to work on their independent projects as well. BrandMeIndia is a company that offers editing, proof reading and translation services and has quickly grown…

Day 2: Team Egoss and Team Alterbeat

At the beginning of the day, we asked our delegates what compels them to keep pushing on in the face of odds and while their responses very varied- love for their work, need for growth and success, of seeing the impact of their efforts on their surroundings, by the end of the day empathy rose…